Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fight for the Lord

Satan laughs in the face of my discomfort.  He relishes in the midst of my hardships.  And he delights in the burdens I face.  Some would say I give him more credit than he deserves but if his ultimate goal is to keep me from my Father, I think not.  He’s evil and he’s on the move.  The Lord tells us he prowls around like a lion looking for those to devour (1Peter 5:8 paraphrased).  He’s spiteful, vindictive, and manipulative.  And he kicks me when I’m down.
I’ve given much thought about my circumstances and questioned the Lord, my God.  Repeatedly.  Why give me a body that doesn’t work and then expect me to maintain the same standards of those around me.  Are the rules no different for me?  How can I be expected to serve with the heart of a servant given the physical limitations placed upon me?  Am I not weaker than those who’ve gone on before?
And when I've asked these questions of my Lord he whispered across my heart of others who’ve done his will despite the agony thrown upon their path.  Paul with his thorn in the flesh.  Job with his losses incurred.  And I’m comforted knowing I am not alone.  Many of God’s chosen suffered in one form or another.  And we are all God’s chosen.  For how can He shape us into what He needs us to be without having to lean on Him for understanding? 
So I’ve asked myself, what are my talents and how can I serve?  The limitations endured are neither an excuse nor a reason to give up.  Simply a way to glorify God.  Ask yourself how will you glorify God through your afflictions and stand up in the face of the enemy.  Show the evildoer what you’re made of and who you’re made from. The One. True. God.


  1. Thank you Diana! And thanks for your support!

    Stephanie-You're quite welcome :)

    Manda-Thanks for trying to comment! I appreciate all you've said too!