Helpful Links

*Upper Cervical Care
  • God led me to this husband and wife team through fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who were already getting treatment.  The Lord is definitely using this sweet couple to help people with all kinds of illness.

*Stanley Compounding Center
  • This is a great place for getting alternative help.  There are some tests doctors can't or won't run for various reasons.  I found Stanleys helpful in treating some of my pain in a natural way.

*The Natural Food Store
  • Through my illness I have learned that supplements are essential to staying healthy.  We get very little nutrition in our food these days.  This is where I get most of my supplements.

*Financial Peace
  • It has been very beneficial for me to control the things that I can and my finances are no exception.  If you haven't ever been through Financial Peace University I HIGHLY recommend it.  My husband and I are debt free (except for the house) and are on our way to achieving financial peace.!  Won't you join us?

*Note:  Although you may not live in this area I encourage you to find doctors of the same caliber and places of the like around you to help better your quality of life.