Thursday, June 7, 2012

Despite Life's Plans

Today I want to talk about my girls. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a twelve year old and an eight year old. Both of them have grown up in the midst of my illness. As a result my eldest is extremely responsible for her age and more mature than most. My youngest is one of the best little helpers I know.

Both make a strong effort to keep the house picked up and pitch in when I need extra help. Because they’ve learned that just because mom is down, the world doesn’t stop turning. And when the going gets tough, we pull together as a family and make it work.

When my children were preschoolers and carrying much more than they should have to bear, I often wondered if my illness would hold them back. If it would stunt their abilities, simply from not me not being able to physically get them where they needed to be.

It was the natural guilt of a mom consuming me to fear their childhood was being stolen. But the Lord, as He so promises, provided good things to prosper. I’m convinced that my twelve year old is full of love and has a servant’s heart because she learned from such an early age what it means to take care of others.

And my eight year old is learning to be less selfish everyday as she discovers what being part of a family is about. What amazes me most is that the Lord has many ways of accomplishing His goals. And just because my life hasn’t turned out exactly how I’d planned, the Lord still accomplished what He set out to in my children.

In what ways has the Lord accomplished greatness in you or yours when life didn’t turn out as planned?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How BIG is your God?

This week Satan has been hard at work. Not so much in my life, but in the lives of those who surround me and in the lives of those whom I love. Each day the enemy tried harder than the first when his attempts to destroy didn’t surpass the Lord’s power to overcome. And each day, my heart grew weary as Satan planned another attack.

But the Lord put the words on my lips and the actions in my heart to guide and minister to those hurting. And as the Lord used me to walk them through their tunnels of darkness I felt my purpose grow another level. I’m learning to embrace every opportunity and form relationships with those He sends my way.
Some of those I ministered to I’ve known for years and others I hadn’t known at all. It was by God’s grace and power a friend of mine told my story to another, bringing encouragement and inspiration to a weary soul. This weary soul approached me with gratitude and thankfulness and a new friendship formed.
I am in AWE of the power of the Almighty.
I’ve seen firsthand just how BIG the Lord truly is. I’ve known it in my mind for years, but my heart experienced it this week. So never doubt what the Lord is doing in your life with the talents He has given you. Do some soul searching, discover your talents, pray for opportunity and then embrace all that He brings before you.

If you feel so inclined post your talents and how you plan to serve in the comments. I’d love to know how the Lord is working in your life or using you in the life of others.