Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Person of Action

I used to be a person of action.  One who participated in every youth function I was involved in.  One who looked for a place to serve.  One who gave my heart freely without question.  One who dreamt of making a difference in this big wide world.  And then my world was turned upside down, and I lost the will to do anything.
Unable to enjoy life I sank into a pitty party that lasted for about 10 years.  As I’ve gradually worked through the struggles, I’ve come to realize that being a person of action [again] is what I want for my future.  One in which I can serve the Lord through my writing and use my talent of encouragement to reach others who are in need.
As I thought about how to do this I thought about something Dave Ramsey said on his radio show at the beginning of the year.  He was talking of goal setting and how dreams only become achievable when they are written down.  So I began to write.  I made of list of the things I wanted to accomplish on a daily basis and what I wanted to accomplish long term.
Making the list has made a world of difference.  I’ve never been a ‘goal setter’ but I’ve been amazed at how well I’ve stayed on course.  Four months in and I’m two weeks ahead on my daily bible read.  I’m writing weekly as I balance three different projects.  
I also recommend having someone of accountability.  I need to give a big shout out to Tia Stone who has enabled me to stay ahead of the game in my Bible reading.  Otherwise I would have quit a month after I started.  Thanks girl!
So do what you must to discover your God given talents.  Map out a plan and find someone to take with you on the journey.  Pray. Pray. Pray.  And be a person of action, despite your afflictions.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Partnerships and Practicalities

Let’s talk practicalities.  In all my years of struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hashimotos I have leaned on the Lord.  But I also know that I must do everything in my power to make my quality of life as rich as it can be.  My Lord and I are in a partnership.  Just as in any partnership we have constant communication, concerns and plans to iron out.  And just as He has promised me plans and prosperity I must carry my share of the load and the responsibilities within that partnership. 
Obedience is a MUST.  To follow the guidelines He has set before me through his Word and the leaders of our churches.  I must do what I can to make my attendance at church as regular as possible.  If it means I work part-time instead of full-time to make this happen then so be it.  And some of you may not be able to work at all.  There are times when I am too sick to make it, but I believe God understands my limitations and His grace is sufficient.
Serving is ESSENTIAL.  This is difficult for me as I am not able to serve as often as I’d like.  Nor in ways I would like.   I am involved in things that I can be involved in without sacrificing my family.  I serve in the church nursery when needed and I am involved in a prayer group.  I also facilitate a Bible study with my ‘Beebe Girls’ and I volunteer at the Beebe Schools when I’m able.  Food for the spirit is just as important as food for the body.  And there’s no better food for the soul than helping someone else.
Speaking of food, another responsibility I have in this partnership is LOVE.   And I love my family by cooking for them.  I LOVE to cook, but am often too weak for the long hours entailed.  So, when I’m in a cooking frenzy, I’ll make extra food.  Freezing casseroles and other items to prepare for the days I know are coming.  And in this way I can take the burden away from my husband when he has worked a 10 hour day all he has to do is throw a pan in the oven.
As a parent, my children are to share in these responsibilities.  They are eleven and seven.  Chores are a MUST in this house if we are to function at our best.   I cannot work part-time outside of the home and be expected to care for the entire house all by myself.  So two nights a week my eleven year old does the dishes (along with a few other chores) and my seven year old does  the ‘picking up’ of the living room when things get cluttered (again, along with a few other chores).  These are ways that we work as a team to have the best environment possible under difficult circumstances.
So, I ask you.  Are you in partnership with the Lord?  If not, petition Him for your needs.  And be ready to carry out your responsibilities.  For when we are fully committed to a partnership amazing things can happen.  Especially when your partner is the One and Only!