Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warding off the Evil One

The physical and spiritual are woven so tightly together within us that what affects one will affect the other.  For good or for bad.  Satan undoubtedly knows this and uses it to his fullest abilities.  He’s used my ailments to tempt me.  Given me a reason to not go to church, not be involved and interact with others.  What he’s given me is an excuse.  And I took the bait.
The line between sickness and excuse became fuzzy and I couldn’t tell one from the other.  My attendance was poor, my worship shallow and my time in the Word non-existent.  My prayer life had not suffered and thus another trick Satan used to fool me into thinking that all was right with the Lord. 
So how does one tell if it’s a trap or an excuse?  I call it a ‘gut check’.  On the days I feel weak, I pray for strength and I search my soul looking for the traps that may lie within.  Am I too sick to go out for coffee?  Am I too tired to see an upcoming flick?  Am I too weak to clean my house?  Am I too down to shop?  If the answer is yes, then I know the sickness is in its truest form and it is in my best interest to rest my body so I can continue in God’s work. 
But if the answer is no, then Satan is tugging and tempting trying to keep me from God’s will.  And I’ve learned to recognize his presence and pray for power over the evil one with the authority of the Most High, pressing on in service to the Lord.
So be mindful of your weaknesses (physical and spiritual) for Satan will puncture your soft spots tearing the wall down one piece at a time.  Walk with the Lord daily through scripture and pray without ceasing.  For if we aren’t even keeping the foundation of friendship alive how can expect to thwart the enemy?  And do a ‘gut check’ when the urge strikes you to not be involved.  It may very well be God wanting to carry you through.
The Lord is sovereign and holy.  My father, my friend.  We are in partnership together discussing daily the hardships I face.  He delivers me from one day to the next.  One moment at a time.  And He will do the same for you…if you let Him.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I know others and myself will be blessed by hearing about your walk of faith. His grace IS sufficient!

  2. You're quite welcome! And I'm thankful you have been uplifted through my journey.

  3. Thank you for that. I need to do more "gut checks"!!

  4. Nichole, is it ok for us to share your blog address with anyone? I would love for other friends to read your entries. You will indeed be an encouragement to countless others trying to overcome things in their lives. Bless you for being so transparent to us:) hugs,Debbie

  5. Your welcome Steph! And Debbie yes you may share it with anyone who you feel needs encouragement. Please remind them to follow so they will get regular updates. Thanks girls :)

  6. Debbie, I wanted to clarify...You may share the link, but I don't want it copied and pasted. Thanks for sharing it with others!