Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Joyful Spirit

A willing heart and a joyful spirit sounds like a simple thing. As a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister I often feel joyful in loving those around me. I sacrifice my own needs for others and I do it willingly because they are worth it to me. But as this holiday season approaches I struggle with giving my whole heart to those around me as I know the toll the season will take on my body and spirit.

A decadent spread to lay, a mountain of dishes to clean, a multitude of guests to entertain are all part of my family’s Thanksgiving Feast. As past times have proven, I’ll start out spilling joy and excitement to those around me and as the days go on and the load becomes heavy I’ll end the season like the Grinch. One who wishes for someone else to do the cooking, someone else to clean the dishes and someone else to provide the entertaining.
And that’s the beginning of the end.

Aggravation stirs in my heart giving way to frustration which inevitably turns to blame of those responsible for my sacrifice. If only they knew the cost of my sacrifice they would not be so joyful in partaking of my gift. And so my heart becomes calloused and rooted in bitterness and resentment toward those whom I’m to love.
And Satan wins.

But I’m reminded of the Lord’s sacrifice and how he gave His son willingly. Jesus didn’t come kicking and screaming and being dragged to the cross. He came with a willing heart. And although I can only imagine the cost of the sacrifice, I partake in His gift. Daily. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a sinner. And yet He holds no grudge against me and blames me not.
So as I approach this holiday season I pray for the Lord to make me like Jesus. One who closes my heart off to Satan and opens it to the rest of the world. Giving my efforts willingly and lovingly to those who partake of what I have to offer and holding no grudges or disdain toward anyone I am commanded to love. And I pray for you my dear readers that YOU will have a willing heart in all that you do this season so the Lord can shine through YOU!!

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