Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Stitch at a Time

In Beth Moore’s Personal Reflection Series Jesus: 90 days with the One and Only, she presents this concept that the Lord heals us stitch by stitch.1 And she put in my mind the image of the Lord literally sewing me up.1 As I rolled it over in my mind I began to fall in love with this concept.
Here I am wounded physically, spiritually and emotionally. And as the Ultimate Healer, he comes along with a needle and thread and begins to sew. Mending me one stitch at a time.1 Often putting me back together in the way He sees fit and in the time He sees fit. In certain moments it’s painful and uncomfortable but it’s something that must be done for me to be completely and fully healed. He takes careful consideration with the parts that are tender to the touch and other times it’s clean and quick to minimize the pain.
But most importantly it’s a process. One that He takes his time with insuring I am being sewn up in the proper manner. Sometimes when I’ve gotten myself into a real catastrophe a scar is left. But the scar is a nice smooth line barely noticeable to the naked eye. And when I run my hands across it no pain surfaces because He has healed it through and through.
And because He is such a great healer I can trust Him time and again to heal what is broken. To make me whole. To make me His. His unfailing love is unconditional and merciful. If you have been wounded and are in need of some healing I ask if you’ve been to the Ultimate Healer. Have you let him stitch you up and put you back together one piece at a time?

1   Moore, B. (2007). Proclaiming provision. In B&H Publishing Group (Eds.), Jesus: 90 days With the One and Only (pp. 81-86). Nashville: B&H Publishing Group.