Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be on Guard

Satan has been alive and active in my life these past few weeks. I have lost all sense of balance and control in my life. Which of course the concept that I even had control of my life is an illusion as God controls all things, but I’ll save that for another blog post J I have found it difficult to focus on the things that need to be done around my house as well as tend to my children with a willing heart. Not to mention this “summer cold” that has attacked my body knocking me out for the count. And I can’t help but wonder why all of this has hit my family at this particular time in my life. And as my mind peruses through the past few weeks it all becomes painfully clear.
The Lord has used my writing to reach others. I have this blog of course, but I have also been published on another blog. You may find that article here.  I have been given the opportunity to write in my chiropractor’s magazine as well as a few other projects the Lord has put on my heart. And as I know God’s purpose for me and see with my own eyes the path in which he has put me on, baby steps are being taken to reach the end goal. And I can’t help but feel that Satan is furious at the work that is being done. And this makes me smile. As I think about the good things that are to be done in the Lord’s name I must also realize that Satan is going to fight back with a vengeance.
So as I think about the timing of all of these things I should not be surprised that I’ve been thrown off my axis and need to regain balance. My friend Tia Stone and I are reading the Bible in a year. She’s a runner and would call it a Bible Reading Marathon! We have been keeping one another accountable and “checking in” so that we don’t get too far behind or fall out of the race all together. As I had let life get in the way I was about 6 days behind (which in Bible Land-that’s A LOT) but today I took some time to catch up. And it’s amazing how getting back on track with that has restored some of the balance I’d lost. If you find yourself thrown off your own axis pick up the Bible, it’s a good place to start in regaining your balance. And be on guard for whatever the evil one may throw your way because if you're doing the Lord's work, it's sure to come.


  1. So sorry everything's been more difficult lately. Satan is alive and active, like you said, and he's determined to take as many of us down with him as he can. Keep on going girl!

  2. Thanks girl! It's been rough and I know that it's nothing more than Satan :/ It's just so frustrating! I'm feeling better now that I'm back on track with my Bible Study and now when we start our Beth Moore it will be even better!