Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Moving! Come See My New Place!

I’m so glad to be blogging again! I took a blogging hiatus while my new website was under construction. It has taken me a while to get it just right, but it’s finally coming together! I’m so excited for you to see it! The way this will work is I’ll post new content on my new site. On the old blog, I’ll post a link to the new blog post. I will only do this for a couple of weeks so be sure you make it over to the new site fairly quickly. I’d hate for you to miss out!

First, I need to give a shout out to my friend, Tricia Kauffman, who took awesome pictures of me and has been instrumental in helping me ascertain my business cards and taking pictures for my promotional material as I prepare to go to my first “big” writer’s conference. If you need photos taken, she’s your girl! Hop on over to her website and like her on Facebook! She also has a blog if you’d like to catch her there.

Second, I need to thank my friend, Ryan Parsons. Without his help this project would have surely failed. He walked me through the entire process. He has the heart of a teacher and I appreciate all he has done to make this a smooth transition. He offers a lot of services and is well versed in the language of social media. If you’d like him to bring you into the twenty first century you can find him here. He’s also on Facebook and Twitter.

And finally, I’d like to thank YOU, my readers! If it weren’t for you, I’d have no need to expand my site. When you get a chance, jump on over to and sign up to receive posts by email. Once you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll automatically receive a notification when new posts are available for comment.

I also have a Facebook fan page, as well as Twitter @MNicholeHall, and Pinterest accounts. If you are inclined to follow me there I’d be much obliged. Becoming a published author in this day and age is no longer about just writing a good book. It’s about forming relationships and communicating with those who read my work. And that’s where YOU come in.

My goal is to bring you material that will encourage you, strengthen you and give you hope when your circumstances are beyond your control, and too much to bear alone. I want to walk with you, sharing your burdens and rejoicing in your accomplishments. May you be blessed as we glorify Him, lifting one another up in prayer on this journey called life.

Question: What topics are close to your heart? And what I can pray for? 


  1. It's always nice to meet a new face; I haven't come across your blog before, so thanks for visiting mine so I could visit yours! I cannot imagine the difficulties you must face, living with a chronic illness. As you say, to me, you probably look fine, so what's the fuss about? I have no idea what is going on inside though. I'm glad to hear that you've had to expand your website. Yes, it's true-it's no longer about just writing; it's about connecting. Lots of work! Blessings!

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